So in honor of me turning 38 this weekend, I’ve decided to do something extra-narcissistic for the blog.  Okay, extra-extra-narcissistic.  Also, lazy.  I’ve decided to take the “How well do you know me?” quiz I did for Facebook and post it for all of my bloggy friends.  If you are a friend of mine on Facebook and have already taken this quiz and therefore know all the correct answers, feel free to take it again here, score 100 percent and make it all like you totally know me SO WELL.  It’s totally cool.  I mean, that’s what I did with my sister’s FB quiz, so it’s not like I have any room for moral judgments here.  (Okay, I didn’t actually mean to cheat on my sister’s FB quiz, exactly, but it’s a long story and so boring.  Just suffice it to say that while I know her better than a lot of people, I didn’t know her as well as I pretended to last week.)

When I first posted this quiz, I thought I’d made it pretty easy, but upon review, it is not quite as easy as I’d thought.  What’s surprised me is how many questions EVERYONE gets wrong and how many questions are answered wrong in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.  So this is kind of like an experiment, too, to see if my online persona comes off differently from my real-life persona.  Yes, it’s for narcissism and science.  I’m just awesome that way.

Enjoy my narcissistic quiz.  In honor of my birthday tomorrow (Sunday–the 17th–mark your calendars), feel free to do something equally narcissistic for yourself.  Unless, of course, you live with me, in which case you should really be doing something that caters to my narcissism, not yours.  If you live with me, you are also forbidden from taking this quiz again.  Because you suck.

I will post the answers on Monday, after I turn 38, but not before I’m over being extra-extra-narcissistic.*

* Does anyone else have a hard time spelling narcissistic?  One of these days I’m going to spell it narcisstic or narcissisiisisstic and feel so stupid.

How well do you know Madhousewife?

1) Which of the following am I not afraid of?
a) Cheerios
b) Being outside at night
c) Growing old
d) Dogs
2) Who is my favorite writer?
a) Ayn Rand
b) Flannery O’Connor
c) Toni Morrison
d) Willa Cather
3) Which of the following have I never done?
a) Gotten a speeding ticket
b) Watched an episode of ‘Survivor’
c) Had an epidural
d) All of the above
4) What first attracted me to my husband?
a) His beautiful blue eyes
b) His sense of humor
c) His earning potential
d) His intelligence
5) In middle school I was voted
a) Shyest
b) Most likely to succeed
c) Best hair
d) Nothing
6) What relaxes me?
a) Valium
b) Online shopping
c) Watching TV
d) Reading serial-killer books
7) Who do I think is the manliest of all men?
a) Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock
b) Ronald Reagan
c) Steve McQueen
d) William Shatner
8) Which of the following foods do I dislike?
a) Sushi
b) Tofu
c) Hot dogs
d) All of the above
9) What made me take up tap dancing?
a) I had the music in me
b) The shoes
c) Midlife crisis
d) I did it on a dare
10) What am I allergic to?
a) Penicillin
b) Pollen
c) Gold
d) Bee venom