1.  For some reason I was thinking about Sinead O’Connor the other day.  Maybe I heard a Sinead O’Connor song, or somebody mentioned Sinead O’Connor, but anyway, I was thinking about Sinead O’Connor and more specifically I was thinking about that album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.  That was a pretty good album, I guess, but what I was thinking was that I, unlike Sinead, want a whole lot of what I haven’t got.  That’s not to say that I’m materialistic or anything.  I don’t want more stuff.  I want more time.  I want more patience.  I want more talent.  I want more of all kinds of intangible things that cannot be bought or sold (unfortunately).  If I made an album right now, I’d have to call it I Only Want What I Cannot Get.  Not quite the ode to serenity that Sinead O’Connor was getting at, but it could still work.  Unfortunately, I haven’t written any songs yet.  And I’m not likely to, as I’m not a songwriter.  It’s a good thing I don’t want anything that can be bought, because I don’t think my album will sell very well.

2.  There’s a song on I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got that I couldn’t remember the name of for the life of me, and I couldn’t remember much of anything about it except for one line:  “like the time we did it so hard, there was blood on the wall.”  I remember listening to that song and thinking, “Wow.  Sinead really has a way of making sex seem both unappealing and dangerous.”  But on reflection I’m thinking that maybe it was just my immaturity that led me to believe that the “it” in “doing it” was necessarily sex.  I mean, “it” is a fairly ambiguous term.  Technically, she could have meant any number of things by “it,” including mafia-style execution, which would explain the blood on the wall just as easily as anything.  I finally did have to look up the name of that song.  Don’t worry, I didn’t Google “the time we did it so hard there was blood on the wall.”  I just looked up the album and remembered what song it was.  It was “Jump in the River.”  I think.  “Jumping in the river” could also refer to mafia-style execution, providing you were jumping in the river with a big rock tied to you.  After someone made you an offer you couldn’t refuse.  “Jump in the river or I’ll ‘do it’ to you so hard, there’ll be blood on the wall.”  Or something like that.

3.  Many people have commented on the fact that Sinead O’Connor has beautiful eyes.  Doesn’t she?  She does.  But another fact about Sinead O’Connor that people don’t often comment on is that she has a beautifully-shaped head.  She couldn’t have gotten away with being bald if she didn’t have a beautifully-shaped head, but seriously, check it out–her head is magnificently shaped.  Maybe I notice it more because I’m painfully aware of the fact that my head is not beautifully shaped.  The fact that I have any awareness of the shape of my head should indicate something about its monstrous form.  Seriously, dents, flat spots, bumps all over the place–it’s a mess.  I should never shave my head.  Sinead O’Connor, on the other hand, should never grow hair.  Have you seen pictures of Sinead O’Connor with hair?  It’s like Cindy Crawford covering up her mole, or Demi Moore wearing clothes.  Why would you do such a thing?  It just doesn’t make sense.