I just checked my voice mail, and there’s a message telling me that I don’t need to bring dinner to the in-crisis family tonight because they say they won’t need meals brought in for the next couple weeks or so.  Can you believe it?  It’s like a call from the governor–a reprieve!  That means I only have to figure out what to serve six people, not twelve people.  And I don’t have to think that hard anymore because my blog buddies came through for me AS ALWAYS and gave me all these terrific ideas, so now I not only know what I’m feeding my own family, but the next time I say I’m going to bring someone else dinner–like in a couple weeks or so–and I start stressing out over what to make for them, all I have to do is remember the Miracle of June 2, 2009 and GO STRAIGHT TO THIS PAGE.  You people are the best!

Oh, and I suppose I technically owe God one, too.