Princess Zurg gets in Mister Bubby’s face


Mister Bubby:  Mom, Princess Zurg won’t stop making face jokes!

Princess Zurg:  Your face won’t stop making face jokes!

Madhousewife:  Okay, that’s it!  Enough!  No more face jokes!  No more face jokes until after dinner!

Sugar Daddy:  Your face is after dinner!


Princess Zurg on music


PZ:  Did any of the Wiggles ever date Dorothy the Dinosaur?  Because they sure write a lot of songs about her.

Mad:  Well, being how they’re different species, I kind of doubt it.

PZ:  But one of them COULD have dated her.

Mad:  Yeah, but that would be weird.

PZ:  The world is pretty weird these days, Mom.

Mad:  That’s true.


Princess Zurg and Mister Bubby on what girls like


PZ:  Does Disney think that the only boys girls like are the ones that look like girls?

Mad:  I don’t know.

PZ:  Because girls like other kinds of boys.

MB:  Yeah, like the ones that are really attractive, and have really nice brown hair…

PZ:  Yeah–

MB:  And who can play the piano and the harp…

PZ:  Right–

MB:  And whose favorite food is pho…

Mad:  I think MB is describing himself.

PZ:  MB thinks he’s SOOOO attractive.  I don’t like boys who think they’re SOOOO attractive.

MB:  Well, I kind of am.


Yes, we can!


PZ:  Who passed gas?

MB:  I think it was Barack Obama.

PZ:  MB, you can’t blame everything on Obama.

MB:  Yes, I can.


Yes, he can.