Sugar Daddy:  You’re doing your hair before you go to your biopsy?

Madhousewife:  Yes.  I am.

SD:  It isn’t a good-looking guy doing the procedure, is it?

Mad:  No.  I thought I’d put on some lipstick anyway, though.

SD:  Would you like me to help you apply some foundation to cover the stretch marks, too?

Mad:  Yeah, that’d be good.  Thanks.

On the drive to the Center for Breast Excellence…

Mad:  Oh, great.  I got chocolate on my shirt.  Well, that’s okay, I’m going to be topless for most of this thing anyway.


Mad:  It says I should limit breast movement for the next 24 hours.  So I need to avoid activities such as window washing and aerobics.

SD:  Window washing?!

Mad:  Yeah, you’ll never look at window washing the same way again, will you?

I have another post at BCC.  I’m supposed to have the results of my biopsy tomorrow.  In the meantime, send your healing karma in my direction because my left breast is pretty freaking sore at the moment, and I’m being a real wuss about it.