So I’m back, but I don’t have time to post about my vacation right now.  Because I should actually be doing other stuff.  Which I’m going to do, just as soon as I get off the computer.  Totally.

I’ve decided that if I ever own a pie shop, I will call it PIE R SQUARED.  Each slice of pie will cost $3.14.  Actually, it will cost $3.14159265 and change, but for ease in accounting, it will cost $3.14.  Whole pies will be $3.14 times the radius (in inches) squared.  No one will mind paying that much because the pies will be delicious.  The day-old pies will sell for $0.314 times the radius squared, but you have to do the math correctly in order to get the reduced price.  Math skills will increase among the general population because the pies will be that delicious.  People will revere me as a humanitarian.

Eventually some joker will walk in and say, “So how come your pies aren’t square-shaped?  Shouldn’t you call this place ‘PIE RN’T SQUARED, or something?”  And I will say, “Idiot!” and I will charge him twice as much for the pie.  Actually, I will charge him the price of the pie squared.  And he will pay it because he is an idiot and also the pies will be that delicious.

You may have to wait until after my kids start school to get the lowdown on my vacation because I am just that busy.  Busy busy busy.