Today I have decided to stick it to the terrorists by going about my shallow, bourgeois, debauched American life as usual.  That’s right, I’m going shopping.  And not just grocery shopping.  I’m going to the Target, baby, and I’m buying some crap we don’t even need, just on principle!  (I’ll mostly buy things we do need, but then I’m also going to buy, like, a gross of Goldfish crackers, just because I can.  You’ll never defeat me, you bastards!

Speaking of shallow and debauched, I can’t seem to get Flight of the Conchords’ “Business Time” out of my head.  This is despite the fact that I’ve never watched Flight of the Conchords because I don’t have HBO and I don’t watch a lot of TV anyway because I’m too busy doing other shallow and debauched American stuff, like watching You Tube videos, which is how I got myself into this predicament.  It’s rather inconvenient because every so often I start singing it out loud, and I sure don’t want to explain to the kids what Business Time is, and I don’t want my husband to start thinking it’s Business Time when it’s not even Wednesday.

Please note that you should not watch this video if you are offended by mildly risque humor.  Or alternatively, if you are underage and your parents would kill me for letting you watch a video with mildly risque humor.  And by “kill me,” I don’t mean literally, as your parents probably don’t know where I live, but all the same, they would be really upset.  You know what I’m talking about.

I’d much rather be singing this song.  (Which I don’t think you or your parents will mind.)

Think about it.