* What does it say about me that I’m currently packing more shoes than underwear for this weekend?  Yeah, I know you’re going to need numbers to give me an accurate answer, but maybe I don’t want to know.  Maybe I’m just talking because I’m nervous.

* What does “dressy casual” mean, really?  I’m planning to wear a dress because I am feeling hippy this week and think I will look better that way.  It’s my favorite dress because it not only looks good on me, but I can totally wad it up in my carry-on and it will still look awesome when I take it back out.  It is that stern a polyester fiber.  (It’s probably going to give me cancer later on in life.  Or maybe it’s what’s causing my hormone dysfunction.  It’s My Outfit, Stupid! But I don’t care.)  If you can wad it up in your carry-on (which I won’t do, I’m just saying I could and there would be no repercussions), that’s casual, right?  On the other hand, if I’m wearing nylons, am I no longer casual?  Is that trying too hard?  I wasn’t planning on wearing nylons because it’s Southern California and it’s only the first week of October, so I figured it would be way too warm, but I just checked the weather and Saturday is supposed to have a high of 77 F and a low of 54 F.  THAT IS FAR TOO AMBIGUOUS FOR ME TO BASE A DECISION ON.  81 F and 58 F, there would be no problem, but 77 F and 54 F?  I just don’t know.

*And yes, if I don’t wear nylons, I will have to wear different shoes!

* I put “breakfast” on my to-do list and I still haven’t checked it off.  Why the freak I am blogging now???