Today I was driving down the street and noticed an older gentleman walking on the sidewalk.  He had long, flowing white hair and a goatee–and no shirt.  I thought, “You, sir, seem like an interesting character.  Unfortunately, our paths will most likely never meet again.”

But one can always hope, can’t one?

I took Girlfriend to swimming again today.  The novelty appears to have worn off.  She did not want to go at all today.  She didn’t want to go at all Tuesday, but on Tuesday I said, “Screw it, I have too much work to do to bother with forcing a three-year-old to go to a Mommy & Me swim class that her mommy doesn’t even want to participate in,” and we just ditched swimming altogether.  I didn’t feel like I should ditch two classes in a row–I mean, we did pay for this class, and the money’s gone either way, so we may as well “enjoy” it.  Can I just reiterate for the record that I was against this idea from the start?  Okay, that’s done now.  So, yeah, today I forced her to go, and the good news is that she didn’t scream the whole time we were in the pool.  She didn’t participate in the class, particularly, either–but at least we’re not throwing all that money down the drain, you know?  Right?  Right.

Which reminds me, the other day we were getting ready for swimming, and as I was putting on my bathing suit, Girlfriend got one look at me topless and started laughing her head off.  Then she pulled up her own shirt and said, “I’ve got little ones!”

Glad to know I can still impress the three-and-under crowd.

I picked Mister Bubby up from school the other day, and he asked if he could play Empire at War when he got home.  I said he could, after he did his homework and practiced the piano.  He said, “Wow.  Deja vu!”

I love it when the kids learn new expressions and proceed to use them at unexpected times.

When I was in California, I played this game with my dad:  Pandemic.  I’m not much of a board game player–or an any-game player–but I quite enjoyed this one.  It has kind of a steep learning curve, I suppose–there are a lot of variables to work with–but obviously it couldn’t have been too complex if I managed to catch on.

Anyway, the object of the game is to rid the world of disease by finding cures for the various plagues and wiping them out.  Players don’t compete against each other but against Disease, which is a refreshing twist, I think.  So everyone wins, or everyone loses.  (Except for Disease, of course.)  I didn’t think it would be the sort of thing my dad would go for, being that he’s very competitive and at least half the fun of playing games, for him, is sticking it to the other players–but he quite likes this game also.  So if you’re looking for a fun new board game, I recommend Pandemic.

Thus concludes the shilling portion of this post.

I have nothing else to talk about now.  I’ll try to write up a new edition of Mad’s Book Club for tomorrow.  More fighting-kitty books, not so many serial killer books, and plenty of other treats in store.  (Plenty = four or five.)

Gentle readers, adieu.