And good for him.

I know some people are mocking the decision by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, saying that it’s premature, that Pres. Obama is still overseeing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and hasn’t yet achieved anything concrete so far as peace in the Middle East or nuclear disarmament is concerned.  But you know what I say?

The Nobel Peace Prize has been a joke ever since they gave one to Yassir Arafat in 1994.  I have no argument with the proposition that Pres. Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize at least as much, if not more, than Yassir Arafat, so as far as I’m concerned, Pres. Obama should be congratulated.  The Nobel Committee should also be congratulated on not giving the award to a terrorist.  Every year they don’t do that is another contribution to the cause of world peace.

Maybe it’s true that Pres. Obama hasn’t “done” much in terms of actual “achievement” on the peace front, but since when do we care what Pres. Obama has done?  We didn’t elect him leader of the free world on the basis of anything he’d done, so why all the angst over giving him an award that was rendered meaningless years ago?

Anyway, we don’t honor Pres. Obama for what he does.  We honor him for what he is.  And what he is…is a winner.  So congratulations, Mr. President.  Have fun in Oslo.

Personally, I’m looking forward to his Tony-award-winning musical.

Madhousewife was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for next week’s edition of Mad’s Book Club.  Sure, it isn’t technically “written” yet, but the Norwegian Nobel Committee considers the honor a “vote of confidence” that Ms. Housewife will accomplish her twin goals of finishing her book reviews by Monday and the resulting blog not sucking.