Girlfriend was watching Charlotte’s Web and informed me that she wants a pig. Not any fool stuffed pig, either, but a real pig.

Has anyone figured out a reasonable solution for storing cookie sheets, wire racks, muffin tins, etc.? Or does everyone just shove them into a cupboard and slam the door and hope to never need one again?

My mother-in-law is visiting, which is why I have limited time to blog. No mother-in-law jokes, please. Also, I don’t have anything to talk about.

Sugar Daddy got free tickets to the Fright Town haunted house thingamajig at the Memorial Coliseum, so we went there last night. The usual stuff happened. I screamed, he laughed. (At me.) That’s why we go to these things. It’s not for my benefit, that’s for darn sure. To his credit, SD always thanks me for “indulging” him. I wonder if he notices that I don’t ever say, “You’re welcome.” Just doing my wifely duty, sir. (And he didn’t even buy me dinner–apparently, we’ve been married far too long.)

When we were coming out of Fright Town, we met a homeless guy who wanted a cigarette. We didn’t have any cigarettes on us, so he asked if we had any change. He wanted to get something to eat, and also a beer. I’ve noticed that homeless people are being very upfront lately about their intentions to buy beer. I think they think we appreciate their honesty. I actually couldn’t care less. The cat’s homeless–who am I to micromanage his beverage choices? So we gave him some money, and then he said, “How about a hug?” Uh…okay, then. So he hugged both of us. Then he asked us to pray for him. You can pray for him, too. His name is Todd.

That’s about all I have for today. I wish there were more, but there isn’t. Happy Wednesday, amigos.