I found a spoon in my washing machine yesterday.  Yes, amigos, I am laundering the flatware now.  Impressed?

Today the kids have no school.  Elvis has been out of school since Wednesday because of parent-teacher conferences.  We had his conference yesterday.  Apparently he is doing well enough.  The teacher did mention that he has a penchant for inappropriate outbursts, including the phrase “Poop in a bucket!”  (Which, in case you’re wondering, the other 6- and 7-year-olds find hilarious.)

On Wednesday the kids have no school again because of Veterans Day.  I am wondering how Veterans Day observance has managed to survive all these years on November 11 without being relegated to a Monday or Friday to accommodate the insatiable American appetite for long weekends.  It must be right up there with Christmas and New Year’s.  Good for them!

This morning instead of sleeping in, I just stayed in bed pretending to sleep while Elvis demanded that I count all the days of the month of every month of the year on the 2009 calendar (plus four months in 2008).  This was very difficult to pull off.  I’m not saying I succeeded or anything.

I had a somewhat disheartening tap class on Wednesday.  Last week I was under the impression that I had finally mastered pull-backs (single, off the heel), which was awesome because I’ve only been trying to do them for the last three years with little to no success, and I had mostly decided that I was just too old to learn some tricks, but when I was finally doing them with consistency last Wednesday, it was like I wasn’t too old and a whole new world of tap-ability awesomeness was opening up to me.  Then I went to class this last Wednesday and darn it all to hell if pull-backs weren’t just as difficult as they always have been.  I did manage to do a couple of them (rather weak ones), so I suppose I just need to practice more.  (Exaggerated eye-roll with tongue hanging out.)  Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah.  I did find comfort in the fact that I can still do the type where you clip the toe and land on the opposite foot, but big deal, any trained monkey can do that.  (Mild eye roll, no tongue.)  My instructor also had us attempting to do double pull-backs and pull-backs off the toe, which ushered in a new era of suckitude for me.  I was quite relieved when she told us it was time to work on turns instead.  And I hate turns!  On the other hand, once the turns were over, I was able to enjoy the rest of the class.

See how awesome this blog is when I talk about the stuff that matters to me?  Tap dancing and monkey pull-backs?  Does it get better than this?  You’d better pray it does.

Actually, I have to go now because I’m expecting some friends to come over and I should probably pick some stuff up off the floor so the kids have more room to make a mess.  Or something.  I’m going to leave you with this gift of pure awesome that a friend gave me yesterday.

Enjoy the weekend, gentle readers.  Adieu.

P.S.  Girlfriend, having been unceremoniously awakened by her brother’s calendar shennanigans this morning, is now attempting to take a nap on the couch with her feet in a garbage can.  Yes, the garbage can is also on the couch.  No, there’s nothing in the garbage can besides Girlfriend’s feet.  What kind of people do you think we are?