Today’s ice breaker question:

If you could be any superhero and have super powers, which one would you like to have and why?

I think I would choose invisibility because I enjoy hiding from people.  And by “people,” I’m talking about my children, because I’m already more or less invisible to the rest of the world, as I sort of blend into the woodwork everywhere I go.  The kids always find me, though.  Being invisible around the children would really help with the whole “hiding” thing.

But on second thought, if they couldn’t find me, they’d just start screaming for me.  I suppose in addition to being invisible, I’d need the superpower where you can’t hear anything.  Except I think that’s called “deafness.”  I don’t want to be deaf.  I just don’t want to hear my kids screaming.  Or anyone screaming.  Of course, I’d make a pretty poor superhero if I couldn’t hear anyone screaming.  Hmmm.  Must rethink these superpowers.

So if I’m going to be a superhero–I mean, that is the question:  “if you could be a superhero”–the sense of hearing will come in handy.  Unless I developed some sixth super-sense that informed me whenever someone was in need.  I think I wouldn’t even mind knowing when someone was in need of juice, as long as I couldn’t hear them screaming for it.  If I could just be aware of needs without hearing screaming, specifically–hearing laughter and music and babbling brooks is okay–that would work for me.

But now that I know there are people in need, I’m still going to need some super-skills to help them, aren’t I?  I’m not sure invisibility is really what I want in this case.  I should probably go with super-strength or super-speed or elasticity.  I’m thinking about Elastigirl now.  Elasticity is a very useful talent, especially for a mother.  I think it will bring me the most bang for the buck.  Assuming I’m paying for these powers and they’re not just some random gift from above.  Even if they are a gift, I could use that “bang for the buck” expression metaphorically.

Actually, I think my life and the lives of others would be infinitely more blessed if I just developed some regular old human powers, such as “patience” or “industry” or “perseverence” or “getting off the internet and doing something useful with one’s life.”

Oh, and pull-backs off the toe.  If I could do pull-backs off the toe, I’d be set.