And guess what I’m doing?  I’m going to a party without my husband.

I was just listening to a talk show where they were talking about what you should talk about on a first date.  The host said he’s observed that most people talk about stuff like their favorite movies and foods and junk, and he thought that wasn’t very useful for getting to know a person and whether or not you were compatible because you don’t have to have the same taste in movies or food or whatever to have a good relationship with someone.  So why waste time on such trivialities instead of talking about deeper and more meaningful issues, which information will be more useful to determine the advisability of further dates?

That seemed reasonable enough to me.  But then I tried to remember what my husband and I talked about on our first date, and I couldn’t for the life of me recall what kinds of things we talked about, let alone what was said.  My husband might be able to remember more than I do.  He doesn’t remember much, but he does remember odd things that I don’t.

I do remember that we both admitted that we were nervous.  In fact, I may have said something about wanting to throw up, which I suspect is on the list of things NOT to talk about on a first date, but here I am thirteen years later, married to the dude I was going to throw up on, so what do the experts know?

We went to a movie, which is also another no-no for a first date because you don’t have the opportunity to talk to each other during a movie.  Unless you’re the type of rude person who does talk during movies.  See, it does afford you the opportunity to find out if the other person is a rude movie-talker, or perhaps you will discover that you’re both the type of person who likes to yell stuff at the movie screen.  Perhaps you will have your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 experience and bond over that.  So that just goes to show that going to the movies is not such a useless first date after all.  You should also probably go to a comedy, because if the person has an annoying laugh, you’ll want to find that out sooner than later.

Sugar Daddy and I did not go to a comedy…unless you consider an Al Pacino documentary about Shakespeare’s Richard III a comedy.  It does seem kind of ludicrous in retrospect.  Then afterward we went to Denny’s.  We must have talked at Denny’s.  I just don’t remember about what.  Then we had a snog on my front doorstep.  Yeah, I know.  Ew.  Well, it got me a second date, didn’t it?  (Not that I recommend this sort behavior to young ladies.  I’m just saying.)

Now that I think on it, I can’t remember us really talking about anything of substance until after we were engaged.  That doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

What we should have done was talk about what comic strip character we were and what person we would add to Mt. Rushmore and desired super powers.  Ice breakers, you know. But we were young and foolish then.  We’re old and foolish now.

What about you all?  What did/do you talk about on a first date?  What should people talk about on first dates?