I want you all to know that over the last two days my attitude toward going to Japan has taken a drastic turn for the better.  I think I am very close to saying I want to go now.  By the time I finish this post, I may even be there.  But don’t pressure me!

“What has caused this mighty change of heart?” you might ask.  If only I had an answer for you.  Perhaps I just needed to get all the angst and bad feeling out of my system via the e-written word.  Perhaps it has something to do with which day of the month it is.  One never can tell with me.

I am starting to have second thoughts about the dress I’ve purchased for the wedding reception.  The reasons for my second thoughts are too personal to reveal here, but they’re the type of second thoughts that would have caused me to postpone buying the dress and eventually (probably) decide against buying it altogether had it not been for the fact that on the evening I first tried on the dress, it was on wicked sale for THAT NIGHT ONLY, which meant there was no time for my usual hesitations.  I quite impulsively decided to carpe diem.  And now I am conflicted.

It is very difficult to find the right clothes to wear.  Since this is a spring wedding, I was hoping to find something in, you know, a springtime color.  But when I walked into the store, everything was black and gray, with maybe a couple navy items here and there.  I don’t quite understand how they can start selling bathing suits in the Target in January, but you try to buy some formalwear in March and the season is still Funereal.  I thought that if it were an evening reception, I could probably get away with black.  My husband couldn’t remember what time the reception was, and neither could I, but there was no time to do research and everything in the store was dark and gloomy anyway.  So I bought the black dress, only to discover later that it is actually an afternoon reception, which isn’t quite evening, and now I don’t know how I feel about wearing black to a not-quite-evening affair.  It is a problem.

If this were your average American Mormon affair, I wouldn’t think twice about what I was wearing.  I am well-practiced in the art of dressing for Mormon wedding receptions.  I probably would not bother to buy a new dress because I already have plenty of dresses that would be appropriate for wearing to a church gymnasium any time of the day or year.  (Who doesn’t?)  But I haven’t been to a lot of other kinds of weddings.  I’m thinking, thinking, thinking, and I can only come up with one non-Mormon wedding that I have attended, and it was a small wedding between some Church of Christ folks and not terribly formal.  I saw the video of another friend’s wedding, but I didn’t pay attention to what the guests were wearing.  All the other weddings I’ve seen have been on TV.

Just-barely-relevant aside:  Always on TV you see the people having their high school proms and their high school reunions in the school gymnasium, but I have never heard of this occurring in real life.  To me it would be awesome to have the prom or the reunion in the school gymnasium because that would make it a lot cheaper, but no, no one ever does this, despite the fact that people on TV do it all the time.  Don’t we care what people on TV do?  But I digress. 

So that brings me to my brother-in-law’s wedding, which is going to be of the traditional Japanese type.  I know what I’m wearing at the wedding because the ladies are wearing the kimonos at the wedding.  Traditionally, I guess, the married ladies wear the black kimono, but my sister-in-law-to-be (well, technically, she’s already my SIL, since technically they are already married, but that’s neither here nor here) says that people don’t hold steadfastly to this tradition anymore, so I can wear some other color if I want to.  I guess I don’t care one way or the other, but if it’s not weird to wear a black kimono at a wedding, does that make it not-weird to wear a black cocktail dress to an afternoon reception?  I just don’t know.  The logical thing to do is ask, but that would be too easy. 

My husband says I’m free to buy a different dress, but that would take all the wind from my angst-sails, would it not?

Speaking of dresses and formal occasions, I understand the Oscars were last night.  I am looking forward to discovering what everyone wore.  I don’t have any interest in the rest of it.

To switch gears completely before bringing this post to a close, there was a poll on the Facebook this morning that asked who you would kiss if it were 1986:  Lloyd Dobbler, Alex P. Keaton, or Alf?  I chose Alf because when are you going to get another opportunity to do that?

The comments section is where you advise me on fashion matters, comment on people’s Oscar clothing, pick an ’80s icon to kiss, or any or all of the above.

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