Sugar Daddy:  What kind of cake do you want?

Mad:  I don’t know.  Do you want me to just pick it up myself, since I’ll be out with Elvis anyway?

SD:  Yeah, I guess so.  You get the cake, I’ll get the candles.

Mad:  Sounds like a plan.

SD:  I just hope they have enough at the store.

Mad:  I expect you to go to as many stores as it takes, SD.


So I’m 39 years old today.  I toyed briefly, i.e. for about 5 seconds, with the idea of writing 39 random facts about myself, but I thought I would get bored.  (Who cares what happens to the rest of you?  It’s my birthday!)

This is the first time I’ve turned 39, and I expect it will be the last.  I’m actually looking forward to turning 40.  It’s such a nice, round number.  I will feel like I’ve finally arrived.  At something, I don’t know what.  I mean, there’s a pitiful lack of achievement going on in my life, but staying alive for 40 whole years is really something, you know?  Thousands of years ago people only lived to be, like, 27 or something.  So there you go.

I was actually expecting to turn 40 this birthday, and it was kind of disappointing to realize that I was getting ahead of myself by a whole year.  Then again, this means that I still have a whole year to achieve greatness while in my thirties.  A whole year! What shall I do?

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