I was just reading OBL’s post about McChrystal (and the oil spill and stuff, but I’m only going to reference McChrystal–except that I referenced the oil spill because most of the post is about that, and also I’m on pseudoephedrine and haven’t slept much this week, so, crap, let’s end this paranthetical).  I don’t have anything to say about the firing of McChrystal except, “Okay.”  I mean, I reckon the President made the right decision.  (No, not a typo!  Mark your calendars!)  It was probably especially the right decision for McChrystal, who may be dancing a jig right about now, who knows.  But that’s not the point of my blogging commentary.  No, the point is that reading OBL’s post about McChrystal reminded me of something else, which is this:

Am I the only one who thinks “McChrystal” sound like a made-up name?  I’m sure the General comes from a long, dignified line of McChrystals, but that doesn’t change the fact that it sounds like something you’d get in a Happy Meal.  (One of those lame toys for girls because McDonald’s knows that girls don’t like to play with the same toys that boys like to play with–the kind that resemble toys.  But that’s a McDonald’s rant for another day.)  I’m not saying that Gen. McChrystal made up his name, though, because it’s pretty lame as warrior names go.  Who says, “Hey, I’m going to make a career in the military, but first I have to pick out my warrior name.  Let’s see, what should my warrior name be…oh, I know–McChrystal!”?  No one.  No one does.

UNLESS you’re so badass that you purposely pick a warrior name that evokes thoughts of chandeliers and wine glasses simply because it is ironic.  Well, okay, then.  Maybe it is a made-up name.

I still think that if I were picking out a warrior name, I’d go with something more war-like, like, I dunno, “General Scudmissile” or “General McMayhem.”

If I wanted to go the ironic badass route, I’d pick “General Susie.”

What do you think is a good warrior name?

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