Puzzlement of the day #1

Princess Zurg and Mister Bubby are attending a book-binding camp this week at the rec center.  Today I noticed that on the back door of the rec center there’s this sign that says, “For the safety of our children, help us monitor who comes into the building by entering through the front door only.”

In other words, if you want to sneak into the building, here’s the place to do it.  Wouldn’t it be safer to have no sign at all, which would at least deter those child-harming types who assume (naively) that there is some other form of security beyond just asking people to enter through the front door and announce their presence?  What is the purpose of this sign other than to guilt law-abiding citizens into inconveniencing themselves?

And if you’re guessing that I entered through the back door, yes, you are correct.  And no one stopped me. I could have been anyone!  I can only assume that my children are not safe here, with people like myself just entering through unlocked doors willy-nilly.

Puzzlement of the day #2

This bumper sticker:


What is that supposed to mean?  It’s obviously false.  I’m free.  Others in the world are clearly oppressed.  According to bumper sticker logic, this should be impossible.  And yet–here we are.

Explain it!

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