Loyal reader slo_mo_do has informed me that the font size for my blog is too small.  Actually, I agree.  I’ve just never given any thought to my font size.  I write the blogs, and I post them, and they come out the size they come out, which is this size (the one you’re reading right now–or failing to read, if you have not yet gotten yourself some glasses).

What can I say?  I have been inconsiderate.  But all that is about to change, gentle readers.  Now that I have a whole eight* hours a week KID-FREE, there is simply no excuse for not taking the time to change the font size of my posts.  The only question is how big do I want to go.

This is the next size up.  How do you like it?  Is it easier to read than the other?  Well, of course it is–it’s bigger!  But how much easier is it to read?  Significantly easier?  Easier enough?

How about this?  Is this good?  I imagine that it is exponentially comfier on your eyeballs–even I can read it without my glasses–but what does it say to you?  “Easy Reader, that’s my name”?  Or “Dude, this is a first-grader’s blog”?  Is there such a thing as Too Big?

Well, is there?

Is there?

* I had originally calculated ten kid-free hours, but that was before I remembered that I have to pick up Mister Bubby from school a half-hour before Girlfriend gets out of school.  P.S.  I made this part of the blog small on purpose.