According to this article, I should be a Democrat.  I watch 30 Rock, Law & Order: SVU and Parks and Recreation.  Well, the only one I really currently watch is 30 Rock, but at least I have seen many, many episodes of the other two and have enjoyed them.  I haven’t seen any of the other shows.  But compare that to the Republican list:  I once saw an entire episode of American Idol during the first season and I have watched about seven minutes of Two and a Half Men, which is about four minutes longer than anyone needs to watch.  Which I guess means I am just a glutton for punishment.  Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here, but I don’t know what it is.

This experience reminded me of something else I read on the internet, a long time ago, about the difference between conservatives and liberals.  Two questions:  1) Would you be willing to slap your father in the face, with his permission, as part of a comedy skit? and 2) Does it disgust you to touch the faucet in a public restroom?  “Studies suggest” that conservatives are uncomfortable with the idea of slapping an authority figure, even with his permission, and that they are more likely to be disgusted by stuff, or perceive contamination in it or whatever.

I’m not sure how I feel about the first question because a) ) why would I want to slap my dad? he’s a nice guy, and b) my dad is smart enough to suggest that I just pretend to slap him, so this just seems like gratuitous violence inflicted on someone a little less savvy about show business. I guess if I have his permission, it’s morally okay, but my reaction is sort of, eh, no thanks, Dad.

As for the second question, I would not have thought to be disgusted by a faucet in a public restroom until someone suggested it.  I mean, sure, it’s probably covered in germs, but I’m just not very germophobey.  I’m kind of gross that way.  But my immune system is KICK-ASS.  I learned that from my dad, whom I do not wish to slap.

So what does this make me, some kind of centrist?  What do you think?


Each school day Elvis waits outside for the school bus, no matter what the weather is like or how early it is.  He tends to be ready early because he wakes up early anyway and he’s just so excited to go to school.  And/or ride on the bus.  When the bus finally arrives, he starts jumping up and down and saying, “Bus is here!  Bus is here!”  This is one of his endearing traits.  Less endearing is what he does when the bus is late, but we won’t get into that here because it’s not part of today’s story.

Today when the bus came, he started jumping up and down and saying, “Bus is here! Bus is here!” and I went outside to see him off, and he just ran headlong toward the bus, yelling, “WATCH YOUR STEP!!!!!”  It was a long weekend, I guess.


So a friend of mine who usually works nights got called in to work the next three days (during the actual day), and she desperately needed someone to watch her four-year-old daughter for her, so that is what I’m doing today and tomorrow.  The daughter has historically gotten along well with Girlfriend, so I hope that pattern holds true for the next 48 hours, or it’s going to be two very long days.  Of course, they were promising to be two very long days anyway, since without a four-year-old playmate Girlfriend is apt to demand the services of a certain 39-year-old playmate who shall remain nameless.  This is probably the last time I shall refer to myself as a “playmate,” so I hope you enjoyed it.


Sugar Daddy is in California for the next three days because of his Grandma’s funeral.  When SD is not around, I tend not to cook dinner, or I expend very little effort in cooking dinner.  For some reason, with one less person at the table, it just doesn’t seem worth it.  Never mind that there are still five people left to cook for.  There is no one left to impress, you see.  Well, no one who will start worrying about my mental state or moral character if I serve them chicken nuggets and hot dogs several nights in a row.  And that is what matters.


Well, it’s 9:30 and I’m out of ideas, except for this one:  I haven’t had breakfast yet, and I would like to.  So I’m going to go do that.  May all of y’all’s Mondays be equally productive and enriching.  Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.