I’m super-tired again today.  It might be grogginess from my new Clonazepam prescription, which I started this week.  It’s supposed to be like this for the first few days.  It’s not nearly as bad as when I was on Geodon.  That was coma territory.  This is just regular sleepiness.  It could be the fact that I had all those late nights while Sugar Daddy was out of town, and I still haven’t caught up on all the lost sleep.  Also, I could be lazy.  Also, I could be bored.  So hard to tell.

So there’s been all this complaining about the new TSA searches and crap, which is understandable because–well, if I have to explain it, you probably wouldn’t understand.  So there isn’t much for me to say about it.  I’m just using this as an excuse to link to this video, with lyrics penned by Iowahawk and musical performance executed by Scott Hill of Temecula, CA (with sincere apologies to Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen & Frank Sinatra).  If you’re squeamish, you may want to skip the proctology segment, which starts circa 1:24 and ends circa 1:32.

So I heard there’s this National Opt-Out Day happening on November 24. I don’t know how effective that will be.  But I sort of opt-out of plane travel by default, since I never go anywhere.  Plus, I’m cynical.  Have the terrorists won yet?  Because I’m getting tired of this crap.  Or maybe it’s just the Clonazepam.