Madhousewife:  Why are you telling me this?

Sugar Daddy:  You asked!

Mad:  I changed my mind!  I told you to stop!

SD:  But I’d already started, and I had to keep going.  I figured it was better for you to have too much information than not enough.

Mad:  But that’s not true!


This morning Girlfriend was playing by herself–a rare phenomenon these days.  She used to play by herself a lot, but after she started pre-school, it’s like her need to be actively engaged was suddenly awakened and whenever she wasn’t in school, she wanted me to play with her ALL. THE. TIME.  I think I’ve actually gotten less done since she started school than I used to when she was home all day.  Remember when I thought eight hours a week of child-free time was going to be so useful?  HA!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That’s you all, laughing at me.  You’ve been saving it up for this moment.  Don’t deny it.

Anyway, she was playing by herself.  And I don’t know what she was playing, but at one point I heard her say, “The Savior doesn’t love you.  The Savior needs you to be nice.”  It’s good to know she’s getting something out of church, even if it’s only half-accurate.  I guess.

Speaking of Girlfriend, she’s inherited a lot of stuffed animals over time.  Historically she has not been very imaginative about naming her stuffed animals.  The wolf is “Wolfie.”  The puppy is “Pup.”  Then there’s Baby Tiger and Daddy Tiger.  Monkey.  Parrot.  “Other Pup.”  Anyway, my husband came back from California with an old stuffed Scottie dog that belonged to him when he was a little boy, and he decided to give it to Girlfriend.  He told her he had named it Scottie, but she could call it whatever she wanted.  She chose “Stummy.”  [Shrug]  I don’t know.  I think I like it.

She also has a couple of doll babies, each of whom she has been calling “Baby.”  (Or “Baby” and “Other Baby.”)  The last couple days she has been playing with one of them and decided to give it a real name, finally.  It’s Jack.  Which is great, because I’ve always liked the name Jack.  I always wanted to name a kid Jack, but never did for reasons that are too complicated and boring to get into here.  Anyway, Jack wears a lavender sleeper with a kitty on it.  With matching hat.  SD was okay with her naming the baby Jack when he thought Jack was a girl, but last night he was informed that Jack is actually a boy.  (Even I knew that.  Sheesh.)  Now he doesn’t think that makes any sense.  But does it make any less sense than “Stummy”?


I have a crapload of work to do ‘ere the sun goes down.  I wish you all a merry little Tuesday.  Au revoir, amigos.