For me.  Not so much you.


In which Sugar Daddy and Madhousewife discuss airport security

Madhousewife:  So have you had to go through any of those new body scanners for any of your recent flights?

Sugar Daddy:  No.  San Jose has a body scanner, but I didn’t get tapped for it.  I did get groped, though.

Mad:  What did you do this time?  Were you wearing a long skirt again?

SD:  No.  But I did think it was weird that there was a TSA agent at the bus stop.

Mad:  Heh heh.


In which Girlfriend and I play cars again

Racecar wants his friends to meet his stuffed animals.  They all have to go on tiptoe into his room.

They go to a hotel together.  They get to go in the “grown-up pool”:  “It’s a little pool, and it has hot water in it.”  They go up to their rooms and eat snacks on their beds.  (It’s okay because they have trays.)  When they go to sleep, they roll over on their backs.


In which we discuss obscure data points about the Nativity

Girlfriend:  December 25th is Jesus’s birthday.

Mad:  That’s right.

Princess Zurg:  Wasn’t Jesus actually born in April?

Mad:  I think it doesn’t matter when he was born.  It’s not like we have his birth certificate.

Mister Bubby:  Well, the government was trying to kill him, so he probably didn’t get one.

Mad:  Excellent point, son.