You know that thing I thought was PMS?  I think it’s actually Christmas.  You probably won’t see much of me until 2011.

I have to go grocery shopping today.  It would be easier to go grocery shopping if I had the first freaking clue what I wanted to make for dinner this week.  My mother ran into this problem of not knowing what to make for dinner, but it didn’t happen until I was a teenager.  I don’t have any teenagers yet.  Therefore, I am too young to have this problem.

Also, I am too depressed to shop for food.  I think that’s pretty serious.

It could be that I am not depressed about Christmas itself, but more about Christmas break.  Also about the end of 2010 and how little I have accomplished this year.  Again.  I even set a reasonably low standard for myself this time.  Apparently I need to set an even lower standard for 2011.  How about “feed the kids and shower more often than not”?  That’s a pretty good standard.

When I think about Christmas, I think, “There is no way I can possibly think of everything that has to be done/bought/sent/thought of.  I’m going to be stressed out until it is too late to worry about any of it.”  You see, I can’t even think clearly right now.  My daughter just asked me to make her some toast, and I went into the kitchen and opened up the dishes cabinet.  Because it was as far away from the bread as I could get.  Apparently.  The old brain just isn’t working right anymore.

There’s lots of work to do, and I just want everyone to leave me alone.