Mister Bubby hands me a drawing

Mad:  It’s cute.

MB:  It’s a hippo.

Mad:  I know that.

MB:  I thought you might think it’s an elephant.

Mad:  Why would I think that?  Its ears are too small and it has those two teeth in front.

MB:  But elephants can be mesmerized.

Mad:  Oh.  So is he part elephant?

MB:  No.  He’s a hippo who was mesmerized.

Mad:  Oh.

MB:  One of the few hippos in the world who can be mesmerized.  There are like, three.


Mister Bubby helps me make meatloaf

MB:  Mom, I’m touching one of God’s creations.

Mad:  You touch one of God’s creations all the time, every day.

MB:  But this is one of God’s gross creations.  Dead cow.

Mad:  I see.

MB:  Mom, do you think some cows came to earth dead?

Mad:  No.

MB:  Then what did Adam and Eve eat?


Mister Bubby gives me instructions for tucking him in

MB:  Now, you have to give me twenty hugs.

Mad:  Twenty hugs?  Why?

MB:  You just do.

Mad:  Is it a special occasion?

MB:  Because you love me.