None of my schools ever had Pajama Day when I was growing up.  And I thank God for that because I think Pajama Day is stupid.  Staying in your pajamas all day when you’re at home on a day off is fine.  I guess.  It’s not really my thing, but I don’t really have an opinion on it either.  Going out in public in your pajamas is different.  Spending all day in your pajamas while you go about your business just seems…I dunno…vaguely indecent.  What are we doing, celebrating laziness?  Thumbing our noses at what few standards of decorum are left in our society?  Pretending that we’re relaxing while we’re actually not relaxing?  Will that make not-relaxing more relaxing?  Are we pretending that we’re all such bosom friends that we can hang out together in our PJ’s unashamed, like school is just one big slumber party?  I don’t understand.

I think I especially don’t understand why a pre-school has to have a Pajama Day.  Isn’t pre-school low-stress enough?  Do the kids really need a break from that regimented, competitive environment?  Don’t they already get enough of a break the other 21 1/2 hours a day they’re not in school, plus weekends?  I don’t know about anyone else, but I worked hard to get my daughter in the mindset that she has to change into real clothes and brush her hair for school because school is different from home, e.g. we don’t wear our pajamas there.  Except now we do!  Whatever!

No, I don’t really think one Pajama Day is going to undo all sense of propriety that I have managed to instill in my five-year-old, and I realize it’s all just for fun.  “Fun.”  Bah!  I’ve told you how I feel about “fun.”

And no, I’m not really angry or anything.  I just think Pajama Day is stupid.  Stoo-pid.  But I’ve never particularly understood the lure of staying in one’s pajamas all day in any event.  Unless you’re sick or just had a baby.  See, there it is.  Staying in my pajamas all day is not an activity I associate with fun or relaxation.  I like to be lazy.  I like to be useless.  I just don’t like to feel lazy and useless.  If I’m going to play pretend, I like to pretend that I’m being productive and useful, and part of that pretending is putting on real clothes and acting like I’m going to engage life today, even if I’m not.  If I had to pretend I was relaxing while I was actually engaging life, I think I’d go crazy.  So here I am, wanting to foist my values onto other people–sucking all the joy out of my children’s lives just to validate my own old-fashioned sensibilities.

Yeah, I’ll send her to school in her pajamas.  But I won’t like it.  I won’t like it one bit!