First of all, I want to bring this tidbit of ridiculous to your attention:

Careers at Domino’s Pizza

I just let my neighbor use our printer to print out an application for her son, and would you believe the thing is fourteen pages long?  But wait, it gets better.  Half of it is pictures and nearly every page is in color.  Look at it!  It’s absolutely absurd!  Fortunately, I am not a strict ink conservationist, and this is hardly the most ridiculous thing our printer has ever been used for, so it’s not like this is any skin off my nose, but come on!  When was the last time you saw a fourteen-page application for a job as a pizza delivery person?  I’ve never filled out a fourteen-page application for any job.  For fourteen pages, I would expect to be applying for some top-secret government clearance.  What kills me are all the color photos.  (True, you can print it out in black and white, but still…fourteen pages!  Pictures!)  Seriously, Domino’s?  I’m as indifferent to the environment as the next person, but this is just obscene.

I will never eat your crappy pizza again!  (Except I didn’t really eat it before, so that’s not much of a threat, and it’s not like I want you to go out of business so my neighbor’s son can’t get a job, but still…fourteen pages!  Pictures!)

Now that that’s off my chest, I will direct your attention to this other tidbit of ridiculous:

Poll:  Gov. Mike Huckabee leader in GOP field

Please tell me that this isn’t true.  Except I know it must be.  Gah!  I’m not really in any hurry for the 2012 campaign to start, but all this speculation over who will run is killing me–because so far everyone who’s supposedly going to run sucks!  Sarah Palin was the front runner, but that didn’t really concern me because I didn’t think she would end up running, and now I doubly think she won’t end up running.  (And why should she?  She has the ideal career right now.  She could easily milk it for another four years and get filthy rich in the process, God bless her.)

Now Huckabee is in first place, Palin is in second place, and Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul are behind them.  I wouldn’t mind Gov. Pawlenty, I guess, but the others…geez loufrickingwheeze.  Two years later and this is all we’ve got?  Really, GOP?

What is Mike Huckabee doing these days, anyway?  I had it in my brain that he was some kind of talk-show host or something.  Maybe I just thought that because I think that’s where his real gift lies.  He could be a motivational speaker or something.

Mitt Romney, I think, has been campaigning for 2012 since Pres. Obama won the last election.  Campaigning all subtle-like–writing a book, commenting on stuff when nobody really cares what he thinks–that sort of thing.  No offense to Mitt Romney, who I’m sure is a nice, capable man, but he really needs to give up this dream of being president.  It’s never going to happen. And the thought of him wasting any more of his own money just makes me sad.  He should adopt a third-world village or something.

Newt Gingrich as a presidential candidate, I will never understand.  I understand what he has going for him–he’s all conservative and straight-talking and crap or whatever–but my word, the baggage.  Has no one checked this cat’s baggage?  Of course, I was skeptical about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and she nearly won the Democratic nomination.  That was crazy!  So I guess I’d better not underestimate Newt Gingrich.  Except that it’s not like he’s got some historic mojo going for him–like he’s the first middle-aged, divorced white guy to run for president.  Maybe the first guy to run for president who’s named after an amphibian and whose last name reminds you of the guy who stole Christmas.  On second thought, I guess I will go on underestimating Newt Gingrich.

Ron Paul…well, what can you say about Ron Paul?  He just keeps doing what Ron Paul does.

I was going to say that I think they should ban all talk of the 2012 election until at least 2011, and then I remembered that it is 2011.  Crazy!