So my housekeepers come every other Wednesday.  I have no say as to when on Wednesday they will come.  All I know is that sometime on Wednesday they will come. Over the last few months, however, they had fallen into a pattern.  On days when my children were in school, they would come between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.–you know, just around the time when all the children start coming home.  Because that’s so convenient.  On days when my children didn’t have school, they would come at 8:30 a.m.  Because that’s also convenient.

I did not get all the necessary house-preparation done last night because, frankly, I got tired of tidying.  Also, we had a cub scout pack meeting.  But I figured, you know, my kids are going to be in school tomorrow, which means I will have at least six hours in the morning to finish all the necessary tidying.  So I went to bed at a normal hour and woke up at a normal hour to find that there was even more work to be done than I had realized, since the children did NOT tidy their rooms as I had asked them to do.  But whatever.  I had six hours, right?

Well, no, actually.  The housekeepers came at 8:43 a.m.–even though it’s a school day.  IT’S LIKE THEY CAN READ MY MIND.  They’re just messing with me now.

Well, they’re also cleaning my house.  As well as they can, given that most of the upstairs is still covered in kid debris.  At least I got the dirty dishes out of the sink.  I also moved the kitchen table so they could mop a different part of the floor.