* It would appear I have PMS approximately 27 out of 28 days.  I don’t think this pattern is sustainable.

* This morning I was driving my car when all of a sudden this spider skittered across my steering wheel.  Ew!  Fortunately, it was not a very big spider, so I was able to keep my cool.  Unfortunately, it dropped onto my lap and my cool became somewhat unkept.  Fortunately, none of this happened on a busy street, so I was able to avoid damage to person and property despite the sudden drop in automotive confidence.  I don’t know where the spider is now.

* I went to a funeral this morning.  A woman from our church passed away on Sunday.  She had a massive heart attack.  She was only 61.  She was one of those pillar-of-the-community type of people, and it was so unexpected.  It’s just very sad.  Princess Zurg wanted to go to the service, which kind of surprised me, actually, but anyway, we went together.  It was the first funeral she’d ever been to.  I was in my twenties before I went to my first funeral.  It was a similar situation, actually.  A pillar-of-the-community type woman from church who passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack.  I don’t think that means anything.  It’s just an odd coincidence.

* My husband had a business trip scheduled this week.  He was supposed to be gone last night, so I ordered a girl movie from the Netflix.  His flight ended up getting canceled because of fog, so he wasn’t gone last night after all, but since he had some work to do anyway, he went upstairs and worked and I watched Connie and Carla.  Yeah, I know.  I never said I was proud.  Anyway.  Whatever happened to that Nia Vardalos?  I guess she made some movies like Connie and Carla and faded into obscurity.  That was a pretty easy question to answer.

* So the husband went on his business trip thingy today, but he will be home late tonight.  He will not be home for dinner.  He wasn’t home for dinner last night, either, because he had a meeting.  Last night I fed the kids chicken nuggets and Pasta Roni.  And peas, just for appearances.  Tonight I should probably serve them real food.  Not that they’d eat it.  But I should make the attempt, don’t you think?  For one thing, I’m all out of chicken nuggets and Pasta Roni.  Pasta Roni sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?  (It kind of is, in reality, not just in sound.)  It’s made by the people who make Rice-a-Roni.  I don’t think I’ve ever had Rice-a-Roni.  I know that it’s the “San Francisco treat,” but I’ve never understood what that means.  Are San Franciscans particularly fond of rice-based meals that come in boxes?  I wouldn’t know.

* Thinking of the food kind of Roni reminded me of that old Bobby Brown song, “Roni,” which I have really never understood.  I just looked it up on the interwebs.  Apparently a “tenderoni” is a love interest that is really too young for you.  Other songs that refer to tenderonis include “Hey Ladies” by Destiny’s Child and Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).”  So that’s what the hell he was saying.  Now I’m really creeped out.  I doubt I’ll ever eat Pasta Roni again.

* I’ve been having some difficulty finishing books.  It all started last January, when I resolved to read all those books I had collected and never got around to reading, and which I felt morally obligated to read before I got any more books.  Since then I have found it very difficult to finish reading any books–particularly the ones on my morally-obligated list, which I’m having trouble even starting, but the difficulty extends to all other books as well.  The only books I’ve managed to finish reading in the last eight months were for book club, which met, like, three times last year.  So, you know, that’s just sad.  I can’t even manage to finish that serial killer book I carry around in my purse just in case I have time to read when I’m out and about.  And I blame it all on the moral-obligation book list.  Because every time I start to read something not on that list, I feel guilty.  That was not how it was supposed to work!  Well, it was how it was supposed to work, but it was supposed to work better than that.  It was supposed to make me feel guilt that would compel me to finish all those stupid books so that I could read other books guilt-free.  But like so many best-laid plans of mice and Mad, it totally went awry.  It was a monkey’s paw book list, my friends!  Which just goes to show that you should be careful what you resolve to do in a given year.  So no more resolutions!  No more plans!  From now on, I just drift aimlessly, without apology, and if I accidentally accomplish something, good for me.