You know when would be a terrible time for the hot water to run out?

Right after you’ve applied a color treatment to your hair.

No, this did not happen to me, but it’s what I was thinking right after I applied a color treatment to my hair and the shower was taking its own sweet time heating up.  “Wouldn’t it be horrible,” thought I, “if the hot water never came on?   Then I would have to rinse all those chemicals out of my hair with freezing-cold water.  That would be an ouch.  Or, alternatively, just leave the chemicals in my hair indefinitely and have all my hair fall out eventually, but, you know, that’s not much of a choice.”

So, yeah, fortunately the hot water came on and I was able to complete my cheap dye job in complete comfort.  Something I usually take for granted–but not today, kids.  Not today.