So the protesters in Wisconsin left a big mess at the Capitol, and the Walker administration claims it’s going to cost $7.5 million to clean it up.  That strikes me as excessive.  I think some people are just upset, and maybe when they’re upset, they exaggerate.  I know I do.  But be that as it may, I love that the local branch of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades has offered to use “volunteers” to clean up the damage–because people who clean up other people’s messes are used to doing so out of the goodness of their hearts, rather than being fairly compensated.  I wonder how many of these “volunteers” are mothers.

On a totally unrelated note, I was reading OBL‘s post where she talks about rich liberals, and I was just thinking there isn’t anything particularly virtuous about being a rich liberal.  As I commented on her site, rich liberals vote to raise taxes on themselves to assuage their guilt, but it’s easy to pay higher taxes when you’re rich; when you have that much money, you can afford to waste a few mil on the government, hoping that they’ll use it to pay benefits to poor people rather than fund gratuitous foreign wars.  I mean, if they don’t spend the money the way you want them to, is that really your fault?  Of course not.  Does the government ever ask rich people how they’d rather their tax money be spent, even though the rich pay more taxes than everybody else put together?  Well, I guess they ask rich conservatives because how else would Halliburton be getting all these lucrative government contracts.  But do they ever ask the rich liberals, who are against war and only want the poor people to have their fair share?  No.  (How else to explain why we have all these expensive foreign wars, but the 40-year-plus War on Poverty still doesn’t have an exit strategy?)  Again, this is not the rich liberals’ fault because they do their part; they “earn” their money and they pay their taxes and they vote as often as they legally can to raise their taxes (or at least imply that they would vote that way, if they had time to vote)–what more do you want from them???  But there are limits to rich liberals’ influence, as the expensive foreign wars and still-poor Americans will attest.

I’m sure not suggesting that rich liberals don’t give money to private charities.  But clearly they aren’t giving enough money to either private charities or the government because they can still afford their million-dollar homes and jet-setting lifestyles and servants and crap, plus they keep agitating to be forced to pay more of their money in taxes–because it’s not like you can just write a check to the government and say, “Here, use this for Worthy Cause X.”  Oh, wait, you could do that, but why would you?  You’d have to be stupid or something.  And even rich liberals aren’t stupid.  They know government is so inefficient that it will take the millions of dollars forcibly extracted from both rich liberals and rich conservatives to pay for Worthy Cause X.  Well, at least rich liberals give a crap.  That’s what matters.  But then, as I’ve already said, they can afford to.

Poor liberals don’t get much credit for being virtuous, either, because they don’t pay income taxes.  They get credit for voting to raise sales taxes and other government fees, and also for being poor in the first place, but beyond that, their contributions are a drop in the bucket.  It’s the middle-class liberals who are really virtuous.  The people who vote to raise their own taxes when being pushed into a higher tax bracket might actually make a difference to them personally–the difference between sending their kids to public or private school, the difference between building onto their house this year or ever, the difference between paying for health care expenses not covered by their insurance or using their credit card, etc., etc.  Yeah, they don’t pay as much in taxes as the rich liberals do, obviously, but haven’t you ever heard of the widow’s mite?  Wait, I probably should have used that Biblical allusion when talking about poor liberals.  I’m sure I would have, if I just didn’t hate poor people so much.  But whatever, we’ll have to improvise now.  Haven’t you ever heard of the widow’s used Honda Odyssey that she had to keep driving year after year because she didn’t have an extra couple thousand to buy a new Honda Odyssey?  Well, you should have.  That’s all I’m saying.

I should tie this all up in a neat little bow by relating it to Wisconsin somehow, but I’m too lazy.  Actually, being conservative, I should probably hire somebody to do that for me–stimulate the economy, as it were.  Save or create a job, so to speak.  Too bad I’m just an effing hypocrite and only think of myself.  You, gentle readers, are the ones who suffer.  I only hope you can forgive me.  Which you ought to, considering that I provide this blog on a volunteer basis.  I don’t even belong to the Union of Blogging Housewives…but that is mainly because I am too stingy to pay the annual dues, so that shouldn’t count for righteousness, I guess.  Never mind.  The grub’s still free, ain’t it?