My younger sisters used to say that. Or one of them did. Apparently at their (her?) elementary school, Tuesday was the day you stepped on people’s toes or something. That’s all I remember. I know you’re reading, younger sisters, so you can tell me all about this, if you remember–which I’m sure you do, because if it’s in my consciousness after all these years because of you, surely it must be something significant for you as well–oh, wait…

Anyway, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Tuesday. That it’s Toes Day, even though no one ever stepped on my toes just because it was a Tuesday. This is because I’ve never told my husband or my children about Tuesday being Toes Day. You realize that my life is about to change now, because of this blog–because I have chosen to share this heretofore-private stroll down Memory Lane. I did it for you, gentle readers. Yeah, I know you didn’t ask me to, and maybe if you had known beforehand, you would have stopped me, but I’m a loose cannon, kids. I can’t be controlled.

The other thing I think when I think of Tuesday is that we’re gonna have a special guest.

Did any of you watch the Mickey Mouse Club when you were kids? Old-school Mickey Mouse Club rocked. The new Mickey Mouse club was for posers. I really admired Annette Funicello, back in the day. I kind of wanted to be her, but not really because deep inside I knew I’d never be that high-class.

Anyway, I sing this song on a regular basis. Practically every Tuesday. My kids have never understood it, but they don’t understand most of what I do, especially the singing parts.  Occasionally they say, “What the heck are you talking/singing about?” but most of the time they try to ignore me.

All of this is to say that today is Tuesday, I have nothing much to blog about, and it’s probably a good thing because I don’t really have time to blog, being that we have several special guests in the house–namely, my husband’s family.  Like, all of them.  Well, actually the Chicago branch has left, but we still have the Los Angeles and Hiroshima branches here, so I’m kind of pre-occupied with relative-related things.  I even canceled the housekeepers; that’s how pre-occupied I am.  Of course, I cleaned the house myself before they came.  I may even have done a better job of it than the housekeepers would have (except I didn’t really mop the kitchen floor, just spot-cleaned it, and I didn’t actually clean the shower or bathtub, only the toilets and counters, so okay, I didn’t actually do a better job than they would have, but I did clean my kitchen table, kitchen chairs, and kitchen walls, which they never do–and I never do–so it seemed impressive at the time), but of course that’s all undone now, but whatever.  The kids are all off school this week because it’s spring break, and there’s no good time for the housekeepers to come, no, not even at 8:30 in the morning, so I canceled them.  And now I’ve used up all my blogging time to tell you that, and there isn’t time for me to tell you about all the other stuff I don’t have time for.  I’m just going to quit before you stop believing that my relatives are really here.

I’ll talk to you gentle readers later.  Ciao.