Mister Bubby:  Mom, are there nudist lawyers?

Mad:  Well, I’m sure some nudists are lawyers, but they won’t let you show up to court like that.

MB:  What if I wore a loin cloth?


Mister Bubby:  Mom, we found some gift wrap for Elvis!

Mad:  Oh, good, show me.

MB:  Chimps in their underwear–what could be more perfect?


Princess Zurg:  Dad, we saw Justin Bieber dolls at Target.

Sugar Daddy:  Oh, good.

PZ:  Yeah, and when you pushed his crotch, he sang “Baby.”

SD:  That’s how it works in real life, too.


Girlfriend:  Mama, why are you doing that?

Mad:  I’m plucking the hair between my eyebrows.

Girlfriend (examining her face in the mirror):  Mama, I have a beard between my eyebrows.