In honor of Elvis’s eighth birthday, here are eight fun facts about him.

1.  He loves to make French toast.  He can make it all by himself.  He makes it every weekend.

2.  He can also mow the lawn all by himself.  But he doesn’t do that every week.

3.  Usually his dad tucks him in, but when I tuck him in, he requires 100 kisses before he’ll go to sleep.  Actually, this has more or less morphed into one big kiss during which he counts to 100 really fast.  (Trust me, it’s more efficient that way.)

4.  He is an expert at playing Joe Danger, which his father bought shortly after getting the PlayStation 3 in November.  It is the first video game he ever learned how to play, and he is better at it than anyone else in the family (although Mister Bubby will not concede this fact).  He recently finished the game–as in 100 percent finished it, got all the stars and all the trophies and whatever is possible to get–and creates impossibly hard levels for himself and finishes those, too.  IT’S CRAZY.

5.  Just to mix things up a bit, he’s also taken up playing Dance Dance Revolution.  So far he can only do the beginner level, but he’s very good at that.  (He got a AA on “Bad Romance.”)  He’s very intense about it and stomps on the dance pad way harder than is necessary, but that’s because he’s concentrating.  My favorite thing is when he comes up to me, looks me straight in the eye and says, “I want to do some dancing.”

6.  He goes to the library every Wednesday and checks out about 20 books each time.  He loves to read, but I think his real addiction is using the self-checkout machine.

7.  He has not gotten any quieter with age.  He still yells and screeches a lot.  He is getting better at talking himself down when he gets escalated over something.  He’s better at trying, anyway.  His favorite coping phrases are “Sometimes it changes,” “I’ll try again next time” and the ever-popular “It’s okay” (even though it’s really not).

8.  He is very excited to get baptized next week.  Mormons customarily baptize their children at eight, and SD and I initially weren’t sure if that was the best idea for Elvis, but as we got closer to this birthday, it became obvious that Elvis wanted to be baptized, and so–Elvis is getting baptized.  I don’t know how much he understands about our religion, but he’s very interested.  He likes to sing the hymns at church, probably because it involves reading from the hymn book.  (I think it makes him feel sophisticated.)  The other night SD was working on some stuff for choir and started playing some hymns, and Elvis started singing along.  If you can imagine an eight-year-old boy singing this song in a loud monotone with great enthusiasm, you will have some idea of how awesome that was.