Princess Zurg and the plant kingdom

Princess Zurg:  Are there chrysanthedads?


The Bubby is always right

Mister Bubby:  Mom, I’m going to R’s house after school today, correct?

Madhousewife:  As far as I know.

MB:  I am correct.  I’m always correct.

Mad:  Always?  That seems extreme.

MB:  I’m always correct.  Everyone else is always wrong.

Mad:  What if we agree with you?  Are we still wrong?

MB (pause):  No.  (pause)  Everyone else is usually wrong.


Princess Zurg is under the weather

Sugar Daddy:  PZ, you should take it easy for the next couple days.  Ever since I was sick last week, I still wake up in the morning feeling a little hoarse.

Mad:  Neigh!

SD:  It’s going to nag you for a while.

Mad:  Nag–ha ha!


The Poetry of Elvis

This is the Mother’s Day poem Elvis wrote for me at school:

Friendly, nice
Washing, reading, cooking
We play board games.

It is after the same manner as his winter poem, which was posted in the hall at school:

Cold, happy
Jumping, rolling, bouncing
He has three balls


Enjoy your weekend, amigos.  Hopefully you will not be cleaning out closets like yours truly.