Waiting at the bus stop with Girlfriend

Girlfriend:  You know what Alex’s mom does?  She waves at the bus while she’s walking away.  Like this.  [Demonstrates waving while walking away]  Can you do that?

Madhousewife:  Yes.  I can try that.


I’ve been putting off blogging because I’ve been trying to write something important–important to me, not, like, to the world or anything–and I thought I just needed to be disciplined to finish it, but it turns out that I’m just not as good at writing these days as I used to be.  So I’ve returned to the blog.  Welcome back, Madhousewife.  Thank you, it’s good to be here.  Did I miss me while I was away?

Once again I have nothing to talk about.  I say that just about every single time.  I need to come up with a new way to segue to random topics.  Topics such as this:  Why do they only sell pudding in those little cups?  Why can’t it come in big bowls?  I guess if you want a big bowl of pudding, you have to make it yourself.  But is that really fair?  I should start a new movement, Occupy Jell-O.  My demands are modest.  I don’t see why I shouldn’t succeed.  Surely it’s only 1% of the population that thinks a cup’s worth of pudding is an appropriate serving size.  At least in America.

I have decided to take up clogging, but I have not yet actually taken up clogging.  The reason is simple:  I’m confused.  Well, the reason might be simpler:  I’m lazy.  When I get lazy, I tend to overthink things, and then get confused.  First I was too lazy to e-mail my friend and ask her about the clogging group.  Then I did e-mail her, but she was out of town.  Then she came back into town and e-mailed me back.  Then I got sick and couldn’t go.  Then I got distracted by other stuff and didn’t think about going until it was too late.  There are still four more days until the next clogging session, which should be plenty of time to buy some clogging shoes and tell my babysitter I need her to watch Girlfriend and also make sure she eats lunch and gets on the bus for school.  (Whether she waves while walking away is something I will leave to her discretion.  She usually has good judgment on kid-related stuff.)  But will I do all of those things before it is too late?  My confidence is not high.

Here’s a thing:  There are two clogging classes, one for intermediate/advanced, and one for beginners.  I’ve never clogged a day in my life.  My friend who is in the clogging group was a tapper before she was a clogger, and she seems to think that I would be fine in the advanced class (where she is), but I’m not so sure.  Am I dithering and treating this like a real problem because I’m afraid of trying something new?  Well, obviously.  Duh.  I was not born yesterday.  That doesn’t change the fact that it’s yet another obstacle to me making it to clogging on Monday morning.

Girlfriend did so well in swim classes that I decided to sign her up for five more weeks.  But after that, forget it!  Just kidding.  I don’t know what the future holds–I don’t even know if I’ll be clogging come Monday–but this is a good segue to a related topic.  Sometime during the summer my husband somehow talked me into agreeing that we would all go swimming as a family once a month.  I believe the rationale was so that the kids could keep up their swimming skills.  And we have to go as a family because the two younger kids still can’t swim independently.  I don’t remember exactly how this agreement happened, unless it was just that my husband decided it was the thing he wanted us to do, and once he’s done that, that’s pretty much the end of the discussion.  I mean, the discussion can go on longer, if I want it to, but further discussion doesn’t change anything, so as an energy conservation measure, it’s best to just wrap it up with simply agreeing and moving on.  I have to skip most of the stages of grief that way, but whatever.  We’ve been married fourteen years and we haven’t killed each other yet, so I must be doing something right!

Anyway, the last couple times we’ve gone swimming–September and October–it’s been cold.  It’s cold outside, and it’s cold in the pool, too.  Obviously.  Swimming pools are always cold; it’s just that you don’t mind so much in hot weather.  In cold weather I mind it very much.  And I still don’t like to swim.  Nothing has changed.  I just hope that soon Elvis or Girlfriend will be swimming independently, and there will no longer be a need for two adults in the pool filled with Madhousechildren.  I guess that is why I am taking Girlfriend for more swimming lessons.

Speaking of the swimming lessons, she is taking them at the very public pool where I learned how to swim as a young girl.  Her first day of class was my first time setting foot in there in 30 years.  It was a lot smaller than I remembered it being.  A LOT.  But I should have guessed that was how it would be.

Gentle readers, adieu.