I got up this morning, got the kids ready for school, secured a babysitter, and went to clogging class. It was a lot of fun. I think I am going to like clogging. I will like it even better when I get some real clogging shoes. Those suckers make noise. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to find clogging shoes than you would think. My local (i.e. close to me) dance supply store no longer sells them. It would appear, actually, that no dance supply store in the Portland metro area sells them. I’m sure that can’t be true. I’m just telling you what appears. I can buy them on the internet, of course, but I don’t like to buy shoes without trying them on. Also, it is very difficult to tell from the pictures and descriptions what kind of clogging shoes I am getting. I am not actually sure what kind I want. It took me approximately half an hour to figure out the difference between regular taps and buck taps. Such things should not be. There should be some All About Clogging or So You Want to Be a Clogger site that tells me everything I need to know. Or I could just ask other cloggers. But I am impatient. I want to know everything now.

Actually, I just want to distract myself from all the crap I have to do between now and Wednesday. The housekeepers come this week. My mother-in-law also comes this week. She is staying through Thanksgiving. She is supposed to take possession of her new home sometime between this week and November 1. I know nothing of the details. All I know is that she’s coming, and the people who are installing our new counter top in the kitchen are coming next Monday to do a “template,” whatever that is, and they may or may not have to remove our sink–meaning I will be without use of my kitchen sink either for one day, or for two weeks, which is how long it takes for them to come back and install our new counter top (with integrated sink). I’m having some difficulty living with the uncertainty, but I’m distracting myself with the fact that I have to get ready for the housekeepers, who are coming on Wednesday. And as I said, I’m distracting myself from that by shopping online for clogging shoes.

This is sounding less and less like a success story. But it is a success story because I overcame my fear of new social situations and went to clogging class today. And I think I am going to be good at clogging. Thinking I am going to be good at something is a rare experience for me, so I’m to be congratulated. Certainly I will be more to be congratulated once I have actually become good at clogging. But for now I take my victories where I can get them. You know what I mean?

My braces are really bugging me right now. I don’t know if I should say it’s my braces, or that it’s my teeth. The position that my teeth are currently in right now, courtesy of the braces doing their magic, is uncomfortable for me. There is something weird going on with my gums behind my upper front teeth. I’m getting a blister, or something. Something’s rubbing me the wrong way, somehow. I don’t know. Maybe it’s totally unrelated to my braces. Maybe I’m getting some kind of disease. At any rate, I’m having trouble knowing where to put my teeth, so they don’t chafe any sensitive tissues. Is this information about the inside of my mouth too intimate, or too boring, or both? I think I have lost interest, so we’ll move on.

Not that there’s anywhere to move on to.

I forgot to mention that I set an appointment with my psychiatrist. I have been faithfully taking my medications for about three weeks now–is that how long it’s been since the nervous breakdown?–and I don’t feel any better. To be sure, I don’t feel crazy–but I don’t feel better, if by “better” one has in mind a higher standard than “not crazy.” I guess I do have a higher standard, which is “not depressed.” So I have set an appointment. It’s for next Tuesday. Next Tuesday.