Say what you will about Mike Huckabee–he was never my guy–but he had the best presidential campaign ad of 2008, and possibly of all time.

Can anyone top that ad?  No.  It is impossible.  But folks can at least try.  Or not try, and still come up with something almost as awesome.

I haven’t seen many ads for the 2012 campaign.  It’s one of the benefits of not watching television.  But I want to tell you kids right now, this Herman Cain ad sets the bar high.  Maybe a little too high.  Maybe we should just hold the election now, to put the other candidates out of their misery.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or if it’s for real.  Nor can I tell which scenario makes it more awesome.  Neither can I decide which is my favorite part.  Is it the guy’s mustache?  Is it his dramatic, in-your-face drag on his cigarette?  Or is it Mr. Cain’s sly, Cheshire cat  grin at the end?

And the music!  Ah, the music.  I love it.  I love all of it.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy not being emotionally invested in this election?