Mister Bubby gussies up for church

Madhousewife:  Your hair looks handsome, Mister Bubby.

Mister Bubby:  No, it doesn’t.  It looks normal.

Mad:  Okay.

MB:  I’m always handsome.

Mad:  That is true.

MB:  And I smell great because I’m wearing three different colognes.

Mad:  Oh, my.  I think that might be too many.

MB:  But I couldn’t decide.  They all smelled so good.


Girlfriend, (mostly) mama’s girl 

Girlfriend:  Mama, I want to be with you.

Mad:  You are with me.

GF:  But I want to be with you all the time.

Mad:  Okay.

GF:  Because I’m sad when you go away.

Mad:  Awww.

GF:  But when I have a babysitter, I’m not so sad.

Mad:  Oh.


In which Princess Zurg is scandalized

Mad:  November 22 is the fifteenth anniversary of our first date.

Sugar Daddy:  AND our first kiss.

Mad:  Yeah, yeah.

Princess Zurg:  Wait.  You kissed on your first date?

Mad:  Yeah, your mom was trashy that way.

SD:  Your mom was a hussy back then.

PZ:  But seriously.  Your first date???

Mad:  My parents kissed on their first date.  I thought that was how it was done.

PZ:  Oh.

Mad:  It’s not, by the way.