What is the deal with Occupy Wall Street?

I wasn’t too clear on what it was to begin with, but I didn’t take it too seriously because I live in Oregon, where people are always protesting or setting up urban camp sites, so big whoop. However, as time went on and OWS just kept showing up in the news, I tried to figure out what it was all about. I hear stuff, I read stuff–but none of it really makes sense to me. I get that they’re upset about the banks being bailed out, and it appears that they’re also upset about student loan debt and the fact that the top 1% of earners have so much more money than everybody else, but beyond that, I just don’t really get it. What is the point? What are they trying to accomplish? What will persuade them to stop occupying wherever they’re occupying?

I don’t really want a conservative’s take on it. I know that conservatives think it’s stupid. I’m a conservative, and I think it’s stupid, but that’s mostly because I’m so frustrated that I can’t ascertain the purpose of what they’re doing, and yet it keeps going on and on, so maybe I should try harder to understand it, and then I can feel like I know enough to judge whether it’s actually stupid or just misguided or if there’s some legitimate point to a movement whose methods simply aren’t my cup of tea. (I don’t like camping.)

I know I have non-conservative readers who can explain this to me. Pretend I don’t know anything about Occupy Wall Street. Pretend I am scrubbed free of ideology and have no pre-conceived ideas of what it’s all about. Just tell me what it is and what it’s for. What are they trying to do?