So back in February or March, at my second orthodontist appointment, I was informed that my upper jaw was in perfect alignment, but my lower jaw was set farther back than it needed to be in order to fully correct my teeth.  Not only would I always have an overbite, but the position of my lower jaw left me with a very narrow airway and was probably affecting my ability to breathe.  My husband has since informed me that I snore like a…thing that makes a really loud snoring sound.  “Sawing logs,” I guess is the expression.  That’s not a thing I take joy in admitting.  My mother snored.  It’s a very unladylike condition.  But it is what it is.

Anyway, I have the option of correcting this problem by having my jaw surgically re-positioned.  That means some doctor will break my jaw and move it forward where it’s supposed to be.  The “initial healing phase” is six weeks, but complete healing takes nine to twelve months.  It’s kind of a big deal.  It’s not something I would do just for cosmetic purposes.  I’ve been living with my receding jaw for 40 years.  I bet I could live with it another 40 years–unless there’s some compelling medical reason to correct it…and that’s what I can’t decide.  My husband wants me to get a consult.  He probably wants me to stop snoring.  I mean, I want to stop snoring, especially if it means that I will be sleeping better.  But getting your jaw broken and going on a liquid diet for several weeks is kind of hardcore.  I hesitate.

I’m not against getting a consult.  I’m just taking my sweet time because I’m not sure where to start.  In the meantime, I wallow in my conflictedness.

I need to make a decision by my next orthodontic appointment, which is December 19, because this is the point at which my orthodontist either starts moving my teeth into position for my eventual jaw realignment, or he starts moving my teeth into position for my continued jaw non-alignment.  Which means that once I make this decision, I’m pretty much locked into it.  That’s also hardcore.  So I hesitate.

It’s not that I don’t want to be locked into a decision.  Generally, I enjoy being locked into a decision, once I’m there.  I just fear commitment.  I’m like an adult male who wants to spend the rest of his life playing video games and chasing skirts.  Yes.  That’s exactly what I’m like.

Well, I don’t have time to contemplate this conflictedness any more at the moment.  Elvis is harassing me to play Monopoly, and I can no longer hear myself think.


Yes, I know I should just get the consult already.  Stop nagging me.


Also, if any of you have had this done or know someone who has, I welcome your anecdotes.