I know what you’re all thinking.  You’re thinking that I’ve gone flaky again, decided that blogging is no longer worth it and anyway it’s the holidays so why not just sit on my can all day and eat fudge.  Well.  WRONG.

Here’s what happened to me:  Within a 48-hour period, mid-December, both the MadhouseHomePC and my laptop decided they no longer wanted to work for us.  The PC is dead.  The laptop, it turns out, is only mostly dead.  If I use a bellows, I can get it to cough back to life for 60-980 seconds at a time.  Now, if only we had a wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak, I’d be in business.  Anyway.  So my internet access has been limited mostly to my Kindle.  I blogged on my Kindle once for you people, and no offense but it wasn’t really worth it.  Hence, my absence.

Even as I write this I have no idea whether the message will eventually get to you.  The laptop has been running for 80+ seconds already, and my time here is necessarily limited.  I type as a voice from the dust.

In other news, my cell phone has also decided that it is dead.  Soon I will be churning my own butter.  Stay tuned.

Conveniently, I have decided that my resolution for 2012 is to spend less time online.  Actually, I have decided to make micro-resolutions for 2012.  I’m going to change twelve things about myself, but only for a month at a time.  In January I will spend less time online.  In February I will stop swearing.  (I purposely picked the shortest month for that one, although it is a leap year.)  In March I will exercise.  In April I will remember to take my medication.  That’s all I have planned so far.  Anyway, our time grows short.

Farewell, gentle readers.  I will see more of you, no doubt, in February, when I will regale you with profanity-free tales of my adventures in real life.  Until then, adieu.