I have nothing to write about today, but it’s February now, which means my micro-resolution for January–spend less time online–is officially over, and I must now spend more time online. How better to celebrate than to blog about meaningless crap?

I think the official micro-resolution for February was to stop swearing. So. No swearing in this post. Not that there’s usually a lot of swearing in this blog, but for February there will be absolutely no swearing at all (even when I’m offline–which, now that it’s February, won’t be very often–ha).

Let’s see…what shall I talk about? This morning Girlfriend and I were waiting at the bus stop for the kindergarten bus, and her friend’s little brother–probably about three years old–was there. He saw me and immediately asked, “Who are you?”

Me: I’m Girlfriend’s mom.

Girlfriend’s Friend’s Little Brother (with genuine admiration): I like your golden teeth!

Me: Thank you. I like them, too.

GFLB: You must brush your teeth a lot.

And it’s true. I do.

Speaking of my “golden teeth,” I go to the orthodontist again on Tuesday, when I shall get all manner of x-rays and stuff taken so that I can consult with a surgeon about my jaw. No, that ship has not yet sailed. I like even less the idea of surgery, but I may as well let someone try to talk me into it. Someone else, I mean. Whom I pay for the privilege.

Girlfriend has an earache, so I’m taking her to the doctor in a few minutes. I had thought, when I grabbed this last-minute appointment, that Princess Zurg would be able to watch the other kids until Sugar Daddy came home. Then I remembered, too late, that she has the fabled Girls Club this afternoon. Ha ha. So I will have to take Elvis with us. That should be an adventure.

I really don’t have anything to say. Maybe I will make all of my posts under 500 words, in honor of February, the shortest month. Only on Leap Day I will write 501 words.