Not when there are things like exercise, showers, lunch and naps to perform. Forget about errands and pursuing my dreams!

Not to mention blogging. It’s a problem.

It makes me wonder how I used to blog so much when my kids were younger and only one of them was in school. For only two and a half hours, I might add. Maybe I can only blog when I have someone to ignore.

And now that someone I’m ignoring is me!

The humanity!

I’m just kidding. I really think I’ve just run out of things to say. I’m not even updating my status on Facebook regularly. It’s pretty serious, actually. Not a “kidding” matter at all.

So it’s been about…eight months since my last haircut, give or take. I try to get my hair cut every eight months whether I need to or not. Historically the pattern has been 1) get my hair cut, 2) wait until it gets long enough that I can’t do a thing with it, 3) go back and get another haircut, shorter than I am really comfortable with because I know it’s going to be eight months before I get around to it again. Rinse, repeat. It’s only two steps, really, not three. It’s been a very basic hair care routine.

Since I’ve decided to embrace my natural curly hair, my hair has not been appearing to grow as fast as it used to. Because it’s curling, you see. But I think I am reaching a point where I need to do something else with it. I think I need to get layers. I have eschewed layers for the last…jeez, 24 years? Layers and bangs. I just don’t do them. Too high maintenance. I just bob my hair and let it grow out. 1) Bob. 2) Grow. Two steps. No fussing with layers, which have to be maintained with more regular professional attention than every eight months. Also, they inevitably end up causing trouble when you just want to pull your hair back but some of those layers are just too short. It’s a problem. (Similar to when you get your hair cut shorter than you really want just so you don’t have to go back to the hairdresser for another eight months.)

However, I just don’t have as much hair as I did in my youth, and since it has stopped being frizzy, I have lost some of the body that frizziness provides. I think layers may be my only option. It may come to that. I just have to make an appointment to see a stylist. That is another thing I haven’t done for quite some time. Usually I just go to the cheap haircut store because usually if I’m getting a haircut, it’s on a whim–an aggravated, I-just-can’t-stand-this-anymore whim, not the type that is conducive to waiting for an appointment. And because my haircut was (intentionally) so low-maintenance, I didn’t notice much difference between when the appointment-only stylist did it and when the cheap-haircut lady did it. The only difference may have been that the appointment-only stylist used more product–usually to straighten my hair to a degree that could never be replicated in real life. (If you define “real life” as “not at the salon with professional assistance.” Which I do.) So I decided, why pay $40-50 for a haircut when you can get just as good a haircut for $20 and afford to leave a better tip? So that’s what I’ve been doing. For at least five years, maybe seven.

But now I’m feeling…I dunno, maybe more high-maintenance. There may be layers involved here. So I guess I’m going to make an appointment at a salon. But good grief, you know how long it takes me to make appointments with my psychiatrist. Am I going to feel a greater sense of urgency for my hair? Especially when I have all these psychological blocks to overcome. 1) I have to use the phone. 2) I have to talk to a stranger. 3) I have to interact with people I’m pretty sure are better than me. I know what you’re thinking: Maybe I should make the appointment with my psychiatrist first. You may have a point.

Well, there are only 35 more minutes until I have to leave to pick up the kids from school. Fortunately, I have already showered today. And exercised and eaten lunch. I’m really on top of my game. I even had a nap this morning because Girlfriend slept in. What more can I do to be all I can be? Tune in next time to find out (if I did anything). Same bat time, same bat channel.