So with the installation of the new, not-yet-gross carpet, we have become a no-shoes-on-the-carpet house, and I’m telling you kids it’s going to kill me. I feel like I’m constantly taking my shoes off and putting them back on, and to avoid having to take them off and put them back on quite so much I am spending a lot of time walking around my kitchen in my bare feet or socks, which I don’t like, and I’m constantly stepping on things I don’t want to and my socks are getting filthy and sticky, and it’s gross. Seriously, the kitchen floor–which we originally intended to replace first–is perpetually disgusting. Even when it’s been cleaned, it isn’t clean. It is the hosting site of all our unforgivable sins. I hate walking on it with my feet unprotected.

I have some issues.

Speaking of which, we spent Saturday de-crappifying our upstairs rooms. We made not-insignificant progress in some places, but there is still much left to do before we are ready to have the appraiser come to the house. I worked all day Saturday and into the night, and it was depressing and exhausting, but at the end of the day, all I wanted was another six days exactly like it, except no children to feed or bathe or love, so that I could actually finish the stupid job instead of letting it sit there waiting to be undone before it could be done.

I won’t be able to finish the job before the housekeepers come tomorrow, so I’m going to have to do a different job, which is “hide the crap before the housekeepers get here, but without undoing all the de-crappifying work that was done three days ago.” I don’t like that job. Can I have another job? Even though I’m in a perfectly ruthless mood that says any item that doesn’t have personal significance to me can just go in the dumpster–usefulness be damned, screw the environment and who cares about the waste, just get it out of my freaking house–when the moment of truth comes, I find I just can’t do this. I just can’t, and I don’t even know why not. The frustration of it just makes me want to cry. I will probably cry before this day is over.

Right now I should be getting ready to go to my oral surgery consult because that is happening today. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, which means I can’t spend tomorrow morning frantically hiding the craptastic craploads of crap that still loiters about the home, which means that before I go to bed I will need to have finished hiding the crap just in case the housekeepers come at 8:30 a.m. but they will probably come closer to 3 p.m. Not that it matters, and I should probably stop thinking about it because I’m not accomplishing anything and I have too many other things to do.

You know what’s really inconvenient? Showering. Who needs the hassle?