1. She loves her science classes and always does well in them. She is especially interested in biology and genetics.

2. She doesn’t like math, but she’s still good at it.

3. She had a game design unit in one of her classes (can’t remember which one), and for her final project she designed a board game based on My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. One of the game pieces is a Killjoys character she based on herself. (And yes, it is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life.)

4. She’s totally in love with Gerard Way.

5. Although her primary obsession is still My Chemical Romance, she is starting to branch out. She is becoming a little obsessed with the book The Outsiders. She draws pictures of the characters. She told me she’s even written some Outsiders fan fiction. (No, I haven’t read it. She hasn’t offered. Sort of a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell thing. Except she told a little.)

6. She loves scary movies, but we don’t let her watch R-rated movies, so there aren’t a lot of scary movies she can watch. If you know of any good scary movies rated PG-13 or milder, let me know.

7. She still has really, really, really long hair. Everywhere she goes complete strangers comment on it and ask if they can touch it. She’s a good sport about it, but sometimes she gets tired of it, as if all she is is walking hair.

8. She hates sandwiches–except for sub sandwiches. She’ll eat sub sandwiches. But other sandwiches, forget it. Packing her lunch is a continuing challenge for me.

9. It’s funny how much she hates sandwiches because she’s game to eat just about anything else. Last night she tried frog legs for the first time.

10. She’s still conflicted about religion, but only because she thinks really deeply about it. She has all kinds of questions that can’t be answered. She finds that very frustrating. I’m trying to think of a gentler way to say, “Welcome to the club.”

11. She thinks the One Big Happy comic strip is hilarious.

12. When she saw me reading Cinderella Ate My Daughter for a book group, she asked me what it was about, so I told her it was about the harmful effect of media images on girls (or something like that). She said it would be a much more interesting book if it were about Cinderella turning cannibal. This inspired her to draw an alternative book cover featuring Cinderella feasting upon a young girl while a shocked mother looks on in horror. Then she started on an alternative back story for the fairy tale, in which we discover that the wicked step-mother had a really good reason for hating Cinderella.

13. She STILL bites her nails, even after all the lectures received from me and her orthodontist. But at least she no longer bites her toenails…I think.

14. She is fourteen years old today!