Where have I been? I’ve been busy. At least I think I have. I recall being quite busy on Tuesday.

When last did we speak, gentle readers? Oh yes, I blogged on Princess Zurg’s birthday. And a couple days before that I confessed a random crush on Jack Coleman. Who I still find very attractive, by the way. And before that I was ranting about PayPal. Which I did NOT use to pay for my clogging shoes that I had just ordered.

Which have just arrived, yay! I mean, they just arrived yesterday. I have not been so excited for anything in quite some time. When was the last time I was so looking forward to a thing? I couldn’t tell you. I was a little worried about buying shoes over the internet–it really didn’t seem like such a good idea, except that I’ve been meaning for the last four or five months to drive to the other side of Portland to the only store in the metropolitan area that sells clogging shoes and haven’t managed to do it, so I thought that even if these mail-order shoes didn’t fit and I had to return them for an exchange, it would still be quicker than driving to the other side of Portland to try some on in real life. It seems that I chose wisely because now I have real clogging shoes, and they do in fact fit. They are just very stiff. Make that very, very stiff. I am going to have to log some overtime to get them worn in before the next performance. But they look good–and more importantly, they are oh so loud.

I should be wearing them right now, but I don’t feel like it.

What else have I been doing? My mother-in-law left for California on Monday. She will be back in 40 days, give or take. I’ve been spoiled for the last six weeks because I haven’t had to arrange childcare for anything–just foisted the kids off on Grandma whenever I felt like it. (Well, that’s the price you pay when you move 1,000 miles to be closer to them, amirite?) Tonight I have a book club meeting that I should have hired our sitter for but I didn’t do it because it is a long story. “It is a long story” is an explanation for why I’m not explaining it to you, not for why I didn’t do it. I’m going to leave PZ in charge of the younger kids for an hour or so and hope that I can tear myself away from adult conversation in time to come back and read bedtime stories and hug and kiss everyone because while PZ is reasonably responsible, i.e. she won’t let anyone burn down the house or kill themselves, she is not very good with the bedtime rituals (and probably shan’t be until such time as she decides to have children of her own, if ever).

In other news, I’ve been reading Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Clare Fergusson-Russ VanAlstyne mystery series, and I want to tell you kids that these books are like crack. I put one down and I immediately pick up the next one. I finished book five on Monday and I had put book six on hold at the library and it had “shipped” but it hadn’t arrived yet. On Tuesday it had still not arrived. The library I had requested it from was only, like, half a mile away from my library, so what was the deal? Come on! COME ON! (You might be wondering why, if the other library was only half a mile from my library–or a whole mile, even–I didn’t just drive over to the other library and get the book instead of requesting it to be shipped to my library. See “Clogging Shoes Principle” in above paragraph. Also, when I made the request I had not yet finished book four. I thought I could afford to be lazy. Also, does anything I do make sense? Only to me.) Where was I? Oh, yes. COME ON! I was on pins and needles waiting to discover what would become of Russ and Clare. Yes, we’ve been on a first-name basis since about the middle of book two. I haven’t been so emotionally invested in fictional characters since Karin Slaughter ripped my heart out and stomped on it with Book 6 of the Grant County series. (I’ve since forgiven her, but MAN.) So book six finally arrived yesterday and I just finished reading it this morning. I feel much better now. Especially since book seven is just sitting there on my piano bench.

Why am I blogging instead of reading it? Because I care about you, too, gentle readers. I need to know how YOU are. Also, as much as I enjoyed books three through six, I’m feeling more than a little wrung out, emotionally. It might be good if I took a break from Russ and Clare. And by “take a break” I mean “start book seven after the kids go to bed tonight.” Or “after I finish writing this post, if Elvis hasn’t gotten off his bus yet.” However, there is no book eight, and I’m a little worried about what will become of me once I have finished book seven. Also, I’m afraid of what might happen in book seven. Will it be some horrible cliffhanger like in book five? If so, how will I handle that? I just don’t think I’m ready to go there. I will, but not in the next ten minutes.

Mister Bubby and Girlfriend are off school today because of parent-teacher conferences. We had both their P/T conferences in the noon-o’clock hour, and then I dumped them both off at a friend’s house and now I am alone in the house typing up a stupid blog when I could be sleeping. What a jerk I am.

I don’t even have anything to talk about. How have you all been?