I would give you thirty-seven fun facts about him, but I’m afraid that would be over-sharing.

So far I have had a good my-husband’s birthday. I took a 45-minute nap this morning, before Girlfriend’s play date arrived, and then after I put Girlfriend and her play date on the kindergarten bus, I had lunch with SD. At my favorite restaurant. Does it get any better than that? I’m grateful to SD for being born so I could enjoy this holiday.

Oh, and so we could get married and have this lovely family of ours. Blah blah blah.

Later we’re going out for barbecue, which means I don’t have to make dinner or do the dishes tonight. Well, at least not any more of them, once I finish the dishes from last night. I’m telling you, this husband’s-birthday thing is the best!


As a result of running so many laps in the school jog-a-thon, Mister Bubby and Girlfriend got raffle tickets for fabulous prizes. Girlfriend got a package of ten glow-in-the-dark necklaces. She put them all on at once. It gave her five minutes of joy. MB won a karaoke machine. I know–how did he get so lucky? Correction: How did WE get so lucky? Actually, he initially thought it was kind of a lame prize; he kept insisting he was going to sell it on eBay or something. Then later that evening he and Girlfriend took it out of the box and started playing with it. Now he doesn’t want to sell it anymore. Quelle surprise! He has burned two CDs of music for him to karaoke (if I may bastardize the Japanese language by using that as a verb) to. Interestingly enough, about half of the songs are instrumentals. I think he just likes going “do do do be do” into the microphone.

Top karaoke tracks for the Madhousehold include:

1. “We Are Young” by Fun.

2. Tron Legacy End Credits theme as performed by Daft Punk

3. Preisner’s “Lacrimosa”

4. Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

Feel free to use this playlist for your next party.


Girlfriend’s kindergarten class is going to be making pine cone bird feeders, so the teacher sent home a request for pine cones. Girlfriend said to me, “Mommy, I have a pine cone collection, remember?”

I said, “Yes, but a lot of your pine cones are probably too small to use as bird feeders.”

Well, a couple days later she came into my room and showed me a Ziploc baggie filled with her four biggest pine cones. “For the bird feeders!” she reminded me. And then, just for my information, she added, “Mommy, I sent the little ones back into the wild.”

A good steward of the earth, that one.


I know you all are dying of curiosity about my cough. Is it finally gone? No. But it is much better. I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night to cough my guts out. So that’s great. It’s about as much as I feel I can ask for at this point.

A friend of mine recommended that I gargle with Listerine (the real stuff that tastes like gasoline) morning and night. I may end up doing that if the cough lingers much longer–because as better as I feel, I don’t want to keep coughing forever. It makes people uneasy when you cough around them. The trouble is that I’ve never been much of a gargler. Just not a talent I’ve developed. Well, I learned how to tap dance at 34. Perhaps it’s not too late to learn to gargle.


Sugar Daddy talks music

SD: I’ve decided that Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash” is the least erotic song about doing it ever written.

Mad: No argument there.

SD: I’ve decided I’m going to write a love song called “When Our Privates Collide.”

(He’s so competitive.)


Somehow it seems right to end on that over-sharing note today. Also, I have to pick my kids up from school. Enjoy my husband’s birthday, gentle readers. Eat some barbecue. Don’t do the dishes.