I am usually the last to learn about stuff that has gone viral. Except for actual viruses. Those I am usually ahead of the curve on. Anyway, I was just reading about this auto-tuned mash-up tribute to Mr. Rogers, “Garden of Your Mind.” So I watched the video, and the audio portion is fine. I love Mr. Rogers’ soothing voice, even when auto-tuned. The video, however, I do not appreciate. One of the great virtues of Mr. Rogers’s  television show was that it proceeded at a relaxed pace, using a single camera, and allowed the viewer to really imagine that they were right there in old Fred’s living room or walking alongside him in his neighborhood, seeing the action unfold like they would in real life–not like if they were watching it on MTV.

[Wordpress doesn’t want to embed video for me today, so you can watch it here.]

The images in this video come at you so fast and most only last for a second or two. Mr. Rogers seems less like a real person and more like a space alien whose signal is being scrambled. (Granted, the auto-tune doesn’t help in that department.) I understand that it’s an affectionate tribute–someone’s labor of love, which is why it’s almost painful to criticize. But it was also too painful for me to watch. I wouldn’t show it to a young child for fear of its effect on their attention span.