But I feel like we just haven’t talked much lately.

I was just on the Facebook, where I have recently joined the “Romney Ryan 2012” group. Just because I like to feel included. It’s not a very big group. I mean, what’s the point of it, really? Solidarity, I suppose. Anyway, it is an interesting mix of reasonable people and mildly hostile kooks–the type of people who refer to the President as “Obummer.” Which, in theory, isn’t funny. But every time I think about how unfunny it is, I start laughing. Because sometimes things are so unfunny that they’re funny. Anyway, why did I even mention this? Because I had to tell somebody that there was a post in that group today that said, “I’m excited about this election!!! You have my vote as well as my family members!” And that really is funny–because what is the campaign going to do with this guy’s family members? And do the family members know he’s giving them away? Maybe he just doesn’t like his family.

Apostrophes: they matter.

On a totally different note, I gave blood today. My church is having a blood drive later this month, and the Red Cross actually called to make sure I was going to show up to this one. (I try to donate quarterly, i.e. I mean to donate quarterly, which is as often as the church has a blood drive, but I either forget or have some kind of scheduling conflict, so I end up donating about once a year, maybe twice if I’m super on-the-ball, which makes me ashamed because giving blood is one of the few things I’m good at and I hate to hide my light under a bushel.) Anyway, unfortunately we are going to be on vacation when this blood drive happens. Elvis overheard all this conversation between/among me, Sugar Daddy and the Red Cross, and he became very concerned about me missing the blood drive. So I told him I would find another place to give blood before we went on vacation.

I told him I’d do that, and I meant to do it, but I probably would have forgotten if not for the fact that we were in church yesterday and they announced the blood drive, and Elvis became agitated again about me missing my opportunity to give blood, so once again I promised him I would find a different blood drive and give blood and definitely save lives.

I said it, I meant it, but it’s possible I still would have forgotten if I hadn’t had Elvis fretting the rest of the day, “Mommy needs to give blood! She needs to give blood at a different church!” (Does that make me sound ecumenical or apostate?) So to get him to shut up and leave me alone calm down, I went to the Red Cross web site and discovered that the Presbyterian church down the road was having a blood drive today. (I was open to giving blood at a non-religious facility; this was just how serendipity willed it.) So I made an appointment online–


which is super-easy to do! Just visit www.redcrossblood.org and complete their simple registration process! You’ll be glad you did, and so will the people whose lives you’ll save by giving the gift of life, i.e. blood!


So, yeah, I made an appointment. Elvis said he wanted to go with me, which I didn’t think at first was such a good idea, but upon reflection I thought, “Eh, what’s the worst that could happen?” Hahahahahahahaha! I didn’t really think that. I thought, “He’s nine years old, he can probably handle sitting still long enough for me to give blood. Plus, he’s largely responsible for me doing this, so he deserves some satisfaction.” Don’t let me keep you in suspense! He went with me, and it was completely uneventful. (Except for me giving blood, which technically counts as an event, I suppose.) He was very well-behaved, by Elvis standards, and the blood-giving process has been completely de-mystified for him. He’s also learned that he will be eligible to give blood when he turns 16, so now he has something else to look forward to.

What else?

SD and Mister Bubby are in Chicago until Wednesday. They attended the blessing of SD’s brother’s new baby, and now they’re just gallivanting around the town eating deep-dish pizza and whatnot. Meanwhile, I am struggling to stay motivated to cook dinner every night. It’s hot, and I’m not hungry, and I can’t remember what people eat anymore.

On Wednesday I’m having a mammogram. It’s like the middle-aged woman’s Disneyland around here.

The other day I saw an awesome bumper sticker: GLOBAL WARMING–IT’S NOTHING NEXT TO ETERNAL BURNING! Why do I love this bumper sticker? Because it’s true. Who’s going to worry about global warming when they’re in hell? Not me. I mean, hopefully. If I do end up burning in hell, I mean to spend my time thinking cool thoughts.


Just had to bring things full circle. I’ll catch you cool kids later.